Your welfare is central!

Back to work safely! This has been the main challenge that service voucher companies have faced since the start of the lockdown. Your well-being as a household helper or customer is central! When most companies consciously and rightfully stopped work on March 16, this was because there was no certainty at that time about the impact of covid19 on the safety of household helpers and customers during work.

Through progressive insight and with the help of many internal and external experts, we have come to a virtually conclusive framework to enable the restart of services. This framework can be summarized with behaviour, behaviour, behaviour: this means keeping sufficient distance, washing hands regularly and healthy cough and sneezing hygiene. Only by adopting the right behaviour in the work and in the contact with the customers during the coming months will we succeed in achieving all this together. The corona virus is far from gone and new waves of infection cannot be ruled out. As long as this vicious creature remains among us and there is no vaccine available to protect us effectively, we will continue to use this framework.

Someone who says behaviour, behaviour, behaviour also says education and training. Only by continuing to insist sufficiently and through various channels on the importance of the right behaviour can we achieve a safe and sustainable working environment. On the basis of instruction sheets, an instruction video and a chat line, the household helper and the customer receive a battery of tools to inform themselves as well as possible about how we can and will continue to work safely.

After all, Group Daenens focuses on your well-being!